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Why are eyes itchy?

Despite the fact that it is very uncomfortable and unpleasant, the problem of itchy eyes is actually something that that the greatest number of people experiences sooner or later, regardless of the age or sex. The problem in question is usually a result of either allergic reaction of some kind or some eye infection, and as far as the first cause is concerned, the truth is that it tends to occur a bit more frequently in women than in men, probably due to the fact that they use eye makeup regularly and certain ingredients can definitely cause allergic reaction. Aside from these reasons, itchy eyes can also be a sign of dry eyes, conjunctivitis, or some other eye problem, although it might happen that some eye medications cause this issue as well. In order to treat the problem efficiently, it is necessary to determine the real cause, and very often help of a specialist is necessary for that.

How to relieve itchy eyes?

Until the right diagnosis is set, there are some things that the person who has developed itchy eyes can do on their own in order to relieve the discomfort and itchiness. For example, the first thing that needs to be avoided is rubbing the itchy eyes, no matter how strong urge to do that a person might feel. Rubbing them definitely does not do any good; on the contrary, it only aggravates the problem and it might even complicate it more. Instead, one should apply cold compresses since they are known to be effective when irritation needs to be reduced. Cold compresses successfully reduce irritation and swelling, and they will certainly help in this case as well. Chamomile tea bags can serve as a perfect solution, but provided they are held in refrigerator for some time prior to applying them over the eyes. Slices of cucumber or a bag of frozen vegetables can also serve the purpose. It is of crucial importance to wash the hands thoroughly so that some infection does not develop.

It might also be a good idea to consider trying out some of the suggested tips before going to the specialist, because in some cases it will be enough. However, if pain in the eye, sensitivity to light or some changes in the vision accompany itchiness, then the person should not wait, but visit a specialist as soon as possible.

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