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Red or bloodshot eyes are commonly caused by some change in blood vessels in the eye or both eyes. The most likely explanation why you have red eye is that something has irritated your eye, or you have experienced certain trauma or infection.

The cause is usually a very mild problem and it often resolves on its own. However, some more serious conditions may also be a reason behind bloodshot eyes, so keep that in mind and visit your ophthalmologist (doctor specialized in eye problems and diseases) if red eye does not subside or happens to be something you frequently experience. Any sudden vision changes, very high body temperature (over 101 degrees Fahrenheit or 38.4 degrees Celsius) and serious eye pain, as well as some trauma to the eye should be also reported and checked by the eye specialist. Consult your doctor immediately in case you notice any sudden swelling of the face, tongue or lips accompanying red eye.

What are Common Symptoms of Red Eye?

People suffering from bloodshot eyes may also experience some other symptoms, depending on the cause of this problem. Some patients may complain about runny nose, sneezing, swelling or warmth of the eye, as well as gritty feeling or increased production of tears. Also, there may be discharge from the eyes, a feeling as if there is some foreign body in the affected eye or burning sensation, itching and eye aches. In rare cases patients suffering from this medical problem also report bruising and bleeding in the eye.

As we already stated high fever, blunt force or trauma to the eye or surrounding tissue, sudden vision changes or eye pain, swelling along with redness of the eyes and some respiratory problems should always be taken seriously and looked after by an emergency medical professional.

Bulging eyes and very high fever are also potentially dangerous issues which may indicate some severe medical condition and life threatening disorders or diseases. Because of that, they must not be ignored or neglected.

Red Eye Causes

Numerous conditions may lead to redness of the eye or eyes, including some very common problems, like common cold, crying, fatigue, lack of sleep, contact dermatitis or stye. When a person uses makeup or some other personal care products he or she is allergic to, there is also a chance to experience red eyes. Contact lenses, some chemicals and certain environmental factors might lead to the same problem, due to eye irritation. Conjunctivitis is yet another explanation frequently associated with bloodshot eyes, as well as allergies to pet dander, pollen or dust.

Acute glaucoma, trauma to the eye, uveitis, iritis, periorbital and orbital cellulitis are some of more serious cases of red eyes, which should not be taken lightly.

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