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Causes of severe itching

This inconvenience is pretty usual and there are many reasons why a person may end up with itchy skin. It happens usually due to some skin condition, like dry skin. However, kidney disease can lead to itchy skin as well. Allergies are also known to provoke this problem. In order to treat this condition, a person needs to find what's causing the itching. Oral medications and creams can help this situation but a change in lifestyle can help the most.

Dry skin, heads the list of all things, that can cause itching, and dry skin is not at all difficult to cure. A person must make sure that he or she drinks a lot of water and should use a good skin lotion, in order to to get rid of the dryness.On the other hand, eczema and psoriasis are usually caused by food or chemical allergies. When a person gets the itching from one of these problems, the best thing to do is to consult with a dermatologist.

It is not unusual for a person to experience itching, if he or she is suffering from a chronic disease of the inner kidneys or liver. Specific cancer types may provoke itching as well.

Pretty strong itching may be caused by parasites as well. Scabies and lice are just some of the problems that usually occur but they can be treated with medications.


This condition occurs when the bile cannot get to the small intestine. When this happens the pigment bilirubin builds up in the bloodstream. Cholestasis usually provokes severe itching and is caused by liver disease and pregnancy.


The name of this condition comes from the name of the mites that burrow in the skin, Sarcoptes scabieia. According to the doctors, these mites will cause serious itching which will only get worse during the night. They are contagious as well. A person will know that he or she has scabies because of the thin tracks and red bumps on the skin. There are medications which will destroy the mites but will not get rid of the itching for quite some time.

Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis

Patches on the skin will show a person that he or she suffers form eczema. This problem is not uncommon and it mostly affects kids. Only 2% of the adults are affected by atopic dermatitis. These patches tend to crack, turn red and crust when scratched.

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