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Chronic itching is a medical condition which is oftenassociated with irritation and painful sensations so all those who suffer fromit are always anxious to determine the exact cause of the condition. There arenumerous internal and external factors which can be held responsible for theonset of chronic itchy conditions. It is very important to learn how todetermine the exact cause of chronic itching so that the proper treatmentmethod can be applied. Chronic itching and the irritation that accompanies it areknown for lasting between one and two weeks. If the itch tends to flare up anddissipate it is then referred to as the recurring itch. Recurring itch caneasily turn into the chronic type of itch if it does not get treated on time.

Causes and Treatment

The most common types of internal factors responsible forchronic itching include various types of infections, various allergies andmedical conditions such as psoriasis. External factors usually involve lack ofhumidity in the air, dryness in the air, weather conditions and different typesof allergies. If the rash and the itching are limited to a certain area of theskin, they are usually triggered by an allergy or an irritant which madecontact with the affected area of the skin. This is why the location of theitching may be of great help in determining the exact cause of the itching. Certaintypes of clothing, soaps and other skin care products may irritate the skin ifthey come in contact with it for prolonged periods of time. Irritant contactrash and allergic rash are usually only different because of their differenttime frames of the flare up. Irritant contact rash always appears instantly,while its allergic counterpart commonly requires a few days to occur. Oneshould remove the irritant or the allergen which causes the reaction in orderfor it to stop. Repeated scratching thickens the skin and causes itsdiscoloration. This is a localized rash which can be triggered by a certaintype of skin related medical condition which is known as lichen simplexchronicus. Fungal infections may also be the cause of chronic itching. They arecommonly treated with topical creams. Dry skin, psoriasis and eczema may alsobe some of the possible causes of chronic itching. Eczema cannot be cured,while dry skin can be cured simply by applying appropriate types of topicalcream. Chronic itching may also be caused by scabies.

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