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Are there more annoying conditionsthan those that affect the skin? However, apart from the actual skin disorders, there are also some other health conditions, which are numerous and which manifest through some skin problem.

One of the discomforts that we canfeel on our skin except from itching is a burning sensation, which can berestricted to one area only, or spread all over the body. This burning sensation usually feels the sameas bad sunburn but without noticeable sunburns. However, skin burning sensationis usually accompanied by itching and by the outbreak of the bumps and skinrush.

Causes of skin burning sensation

Although many times thisuncomfortable condition does not have a specific origin, there are several conditions thatinfluence its occurrence.

Skin burning sensation may appeardue to some nerve problems such as paresthesia, for example, which is caused due to pressingof the peripheral nerves. In the beginning, the person may only feel a pricking sensation, which gradually turns into a burning sensation followed by itching and numbnessof the skin. Another nerve condition responsible for the appearance of aburning sensation when the main nerve in the low back is pressed is calledsciatica.

Skin burning sensation also appearsin the people who have peripheral vascular disease since the blood flow to the peripheralparts of the body is restricted due to narrowed blood vessels. A burning sensationin the arms and legs caused by this disease is typically accompanied by bluishlips, swollen feet and thick nails.

The virus herpes zoster may also be responsiblefor the occurrence of the skin burning sensation. This virus, which is alreadyin the body, becomes active because of certain factors. Before the shinglesoutbreak, the person may experience a burning sensation on the skin and then theblisters emerge.

Nerve tissue gradually becomes damagedin the people who suffer from diabetes for a long time. Due to this tissuedamage, the person with diabetes experiences skin burning sensation.

Furthermore, skin burning sensationmay be a symptom of almost every skin disease. For example, rosacea and eczema, as well as psoriasis and scabies, are some of the skin disorders that manifestthrough the skin burning sensation and several other symptoms.

The consummation of numerous medicationscan lead to the skin burning sensation, but various allergies, drynessof the skin, and long exposure to the sun, as well as the use of many cosmetic products maybe the potential causes for the incidence of the skin burning sensation.

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