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You have probably drunk tequila on some occasions or have heard about its ritualistic ceremony of consummation. If you have and you are a person who desires to learn more about this unique drink and its many positive, as well as negative sides, read the lines below.

Tequila is a Historical Drink

Tequila is a spirit many people cherish and enjoy daily. This drink has truly made history when it comes to popularity. The very ceremony of consummation, involving salt, lemon and banging the emptied glass on the bar counter serves best for the attitude and uniqueness of this drink as well as people’s fondness of it.

Additionally, many different variations and types of this drink give one a practically endless choice in tequila enjoyment. But, besides fun and tipsiness, can our health benefit from tequila?

Interestingly enough, tequila possesses many qualities. Nevertheless, before you start drinking tequila, keep in mind that moderate consumption is the key to healthy drinking. Any excessive indulging in alcohol will cause more harm than good. Drink smart in order to drink healthy, and the positive qualities will be felt sooner than one would expect.

Tequila is excellent for regulating the cholesterol levels in our body. Namely, moderate consumption does away with bad cholesterol while leaving good cholesterol present. This being connected to our heart and the whole cardiovascular system, it is not hard to grasp and appreciate the amount of importance tequila has in this field as well.

The list of benefits does not stop there, since, in addition to relaxing you when you feel stressed and tired, a glass of tequila after meals acts beneficially to your digestive system, preventing any stomach problems.

Finally, tequila is also known to prevent dementia at old age, this fact mainly being connected with the social characteristic of this drink, since it is often drunk in company and as an addition to healthy socializing.

Unfortunately, tequila, along with any alcoholic drink, has a negative side of being addictive.

Another fact about alcoholic drinks in general, considering this spirit as well, is that they might cause many different kinds of cancer. This frightening claim endangers women even more, since researches have shown that females benefit much less from alcohol than males do, and, on the contrary, alcohol consumption is not recommended for women’s health at all.

Ultimately, tequila can lead to alcohol poisoning. If one intakes too much of this spirit, or any alcoholic drink in general, life-threatening poisoning may occur. So, consume it carefully, maturely and in moderately and enjoy many of its positive aspects.

What Benefits Balsamic Vinegar Has that Tequila Doesn't?

Balsamic Vinegar is vinegar made from wine grapes. This type of vinegar is much appreciated since it tastes great and it has got many beneficial impacts on people’s health. It was used throughout the history both as a food and as a medicine. People cured fatigue with it. It was also used to improve digestion and to help losing weight.

You can use balsamic vinegar as your usual salad dressing and therefore consume all polyunsaturated fatty acids from it. Balsamic vinegar is rich in alpha linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid). Those important nutrients can prevent heart attack in people. Eating alpha linoleic acid on regular basis can help in prevention of IHF (ischemic heart disease) to about 50%. Omega-3 fatty acids are also anti-inflammatory substances.

Red grapes are rich in bioflavonoids from which the most important one is quercetin. Since balsamic vinegar is derived from red grapes it contains that substance too. Researchers showed that quercetin can help curing cancer, in contrary to tequila and alcoholic beverages which are notorious for possibly causing this disease.

Another anti cancer substance from red grapes is resveratrol. Resveratrol is a target of many researches nowadays. For now scientist found out that it can stop growing of cancer cells and thus help treating liver and breast cancers. It is also good cancer prevention.

In combination with vitamin C quercetin also helps our body to overcome many infections. It is great immunity booster. Bioflavonoids are generally known to stop thickening of arteries and thus help our heart too. They are great prevention to all heart diseases. Another thing that red grapes are rich in (their seeds have them) are pyenogenols. These substances are good for cardiovascular system too. They also help our bodies in overcoming allergies and stress related conditions. They can cure inflammation thus they can ease pain from arthritis.

Balsamic vinegar contains all above mentioned nutrients and this is the reason why it can prevent stroke. Thus, it should be consumed regularly in order to balance the cholesterol in blood and regulate blood pressure. Also, it is good for keeping headaches at bay and boosting the health of our bones.

All in all, both tequila and balsamic vinegar have many positive sides. However, the latter is known to be far healthier and, therefore, beneficial. Nevertheless, the positive sides of tequila are not to be neglected. Yet, in order to experience them, you have to be a careful, moderate drinker.

So, it is your choice whether you desire to seek health in a local bar or the health store closest to you.

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