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Wine indeed does have some health benefits but the topic is rather tricky and it does have to be discussed in a fine manner. Besides, the obvious benefits, wine can also provide the risks associated with the consumption of any alcohol. Many cultures have found throughout the centuries that wine is an important factor of a healthy lifestyle filled with happiness.

France has very high rates of smoking and consumption of fatty foods but at the same time it has a lower heart disease rate. The explanation lies in the fact that an average French person consumes much more wine than an average American. European diets also contain much more natural ingredients such as olive oil and garlic.

Health Benefits

Numerous studies have shown that drinking wine in moderate amounts lessens the risk of heart disease. This beneficial effect of wine is largely because of resveratrol, antioxidants and bioflavinoids which prevent the blood vessels from getting atherosclerotic disease. They also lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and raise the levels of good cholesterol.

There are certain problems that occur when it comes to recommending drinking wine. First of all, it is pretty much impossible to determine what moderate drinking means. Europeans thinks that several glasses or bottles of wine with dinner are very moderate but they also have much different metabolisms as well. So it is very hard to determine the ideal amount of wine that provides the optimal health benefits and avoids the harmful properties of alcohol consumption at the same time. Even if there was an ideal amount it would have to differ from person to person. Chronic or non-chronic, alcohol abuse damages the liver and leads to its failure and cirrhosis.

It is a very dangerous condition which sometimes requires liver transplantation. Excess alcohol consumption can also lead to certain types of cancer such as neck cancer, head cancer and stomach cancer. It can also cause numerous personal, psychological and family problems. Some people can get addicted to alcohol more easily than others. It is the main reason why it cannot be advised to drink wine for its health benefits, because some people can get used to drinking more and that leads to abuse and possibly alcoholism.

Wine is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle that involves a balanced diet and exercising. If one drinks wine, it should be done responsibly and moderately.

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