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Genital herpes is viral infection and as its name says, affects the genitalia. It is highly contagious and belongs to the group of the diseases which are spread through the sexual contact. Also, herpes simplex virus (its type 2 usually causes the genital herpes) is one of the most common viruses since approximately one fifth of the human population suffers from it.

The recent researches, which have been conducted in the U.S., have shown that the individuals who are from 14 to 49 years old are more likely to be affected by this virus, especially concerning the female population. Of course the people with somewhat weaker immunity are the easy targets, too. It is very dangerous to get this virus while being pregnant because if it passes on the newborn it could die from this virus.

The major problem of this disease is that the symptoms are not always noticeable. That way, one can easily pass on the virus to his or hers sexual partner even without knowing it. Also, if the oral sex is involved, too, this virus can trigger an infectious process of the lips and mouth, and this condition is commonly called the fever blisters. So the best way to reach the right diagnosis is after taking the blood tests but again those tests are not 100% exact.

But, when the symptoms show up, they are manifested as the small blister-like formations on the surface of the skin, and they are located around the anal opening or on the genitals. Those symptoms can rupture and, also, they tend to come back after some time, depending on the general state of immunity.

This means that, unfortunately, this virus practically stays in the organism almost forever, and it can only have an outbreak from time to time. In the most of the cases, the symptoms appear five times in the first year and after that, they don’t tend to be manifested so often.

The first appearance of the symptoms occurs after the period of the incubation which lasts about fourteen days from the moment when the infection took place. And, the period of time needed for removing of the blisters is usually shorter than one month. But, when it comes to these symptoms, they tend to be followed by the swelling of the glands and the high temperature of the body.

The treatment includes the drugs that are focused to attack viruses but they can only make the outbreaks milder and some of the medications can decrease the risk of passing on the virus. So, the best way to deal with this disease is to be responsible and try not to change the partners.

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