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Herpes is an infection caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV1 and HSV2). It is about two forms of the same virus which differ in origin, but have a similar manifestation. They are different in method of entry into the organism. So HSV1 or labial herpes is transmitted orally and is manifested mostly in the area of the face (mouth, nose), while HSV2 or genital herpes transfers during sexual intercourse and is manifested in the area of genital organs. Therefore, genital herpes falls within the sexually transmitted diseases.

Only humans may be the source of infection. The infection can also be transferred from pregnant woman to the child, less by the placenta and more often during birth, which may cause serious consequences for the newborn.

Herpes Rash

Herpes simplex is highly contagious and is transmitted through saliva. This virus is present in the body of 90% of population. The virus enters the body through a crack or sore on the skin around the mouth. Infection most often occurs already at an early age between the first and fifth year of life, but the virus is activated only when the immune system is weakened.


Herpes simplex is manifested as a group of tiny blisters. Their outbreak usually lasts for several hours, but sometimes it takes even two to three days.

These blisters contain a large amount of herpes virus and if sore breaks, the virus can be easily transferred from one to another part of the body or from one person to another. Bubbles are dried after a few days, creating yellowish scab. It falls out after about five or six days. The whole process takes up to ten days. Scar is rarely left on the herpes spot.


Herpes blisters on the lips or around the nose represent more an aesthetic problem for most people. Some people may feel itching, tingling, numbness, sensitivity, or mild pain before the outbreak of blisters in the area where they are going to appear. This is the right time to react and apply cream based on acyclovir on that spot. But, this drug cannot completely eliminate the virus from the body because it still remains in nerve cells and can be activated.

If you do not have this cream at home, there are popular home remedies which are also very helpful. For example, soak a piece of cotton in cold tea or coffee and apply on the blister.

Coverings based on Valerian are also very helpful.

Prevention is based on strengthening the immune system.

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