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Herpes is a virus and there are two most important types of the herpes. The first one is the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1) and the second is the herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV2). The first one affects the mouth and lips (fever blisters) and the other affects the genitals. The statistic shows that a vast majority of the world's population has been infected with some form of the herpes. The oral herpes attacks the nerve cells of the brain and the genital herpes attacks the spine. The virus of herpes is highly contagious and once a person receives the infection it will last for life. Herpes is transmitted when it outbreaks in blisters and it is very important that you do not come in contact with the person who has the symptoms.

The symptoms of the herpes are blisters which can be triggered if the infected person is under stress, exposed to sunlight or consumes food such as gelatin, chocolate or nuts. The blisters stay visible for a few days and they can appear on the skin around the mouth, on the lips, eyes, throat, vagina or anus.

Although the virus is incurable, there are a lot of products that can help in reducing the pain, burning and irritation caused by the blisters. H-Away™ is a product made for the treatment of the genital herpes. This remedy contains essential oils which will help when the herpes erupts. It should be applied directly on the area of the herpes outbreak. H-Prevention™ is a liquid formula which will prevent the outbreak of the blisters. This product should be used every day as prevention. You should put a small amount of it on the arch of your foot and rub it in the skin. It penetrates in the blood through the skin. It makes your immune system stronger, helps you body to heal and to get rid of the virus. The best treatment is to use both products and stop recurrence of the blisters. These products are effective because they fight the virus from the inside and make the herpes virus stay inactive. Since they are absorbed through the skin and go straight to the blood stream, they do not do any harm to the liver or kidneys.

A lot of products for the herpes outbreak treatment contain alcohol, which can cause further irritation, or substances such as Benzocaine, which can cause an allergic reaction.

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