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A few words about the genital herpes

Genital herpes belongs to the group of the most common genital contagious diseases, which is, logically, passed on to the another individuals through the sexual contact (oral sex is included as well). It is not a life threatening condition, but it could provoke some other more severe complications, if it is not treated properly or at all. So, it is most common and noticeable among the female population and it could be described as the most intense condition in the case of the females and especially in the period of pregnancy. For, example, in this case, the disease may cause some severe health problems of the newborn. The problem of this condition among the male population

So, as already said, the genital type of the herpes is less likely to affect the male population. The biggest problem, however, is that the men who are infected by this virus, often aren’t aware at all of having it, since the symptoms are not prominent. And, the individual, in this stage of the infection can transmit the infection to his partner. Another problem is that the indicator exists, but it is very general, since, it is manifested as the irritation and itch. So, one should check up with the urologist what is it about, because the sooner the treatment starts, the easier it will be to treat disease, because it is very hard to minimize the aggravated symptoms of the advanced stage of the disease. The period of the incubation may last from two to twenty days.

Fortunately, there are some other prominent symptoms, such as the pain right above the buttocks, the irritation and burning pain while urinating, the fever, and possible enlargement of the lymph glands, pain in the muscular tissue and weakness. The most prominent indicator is, however, the apparition of the blister-like formation(s) over the genitals. Eventually, they turn into an encrusted deposit of the lesion, and then, the pain and the more severe damage to the skin (usually manifested as the roughness) are also present.

As already explained above, the following signs of the genital herpes in men are tricky; they vary from one individual to another. For example, some men will have the problem with the present secretion from the genital organ. So, the key to the successful treatment is to describe all the indicators in the details to the specialist.

And, additionally, as the prevention is concerned, the proper and frequently done hygiene of the genitals is essentially important, besides, of course, staying away from the unprotected sexual intercourse and the oral sex with possibly affected individuals.

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