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Introduction to herpes

There are generally two types of herpes viruses, the herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2 viruses. HPV-2 is the more severe one that causes genital herpes, though herpes of the mouth can also be seen.

Both of these herpes viruses cause painful blisters and both are very infections and spread very easily. The blisters are contagious until they heal completely, and this process takes in between two weeks and a month at times.

However, it can still be contagious when it has healed as well, but it is definitely not as contagious anymore.

The symptoms of herpes are very easy to spot and they are commonly the same for most people. HSV-1 produces a burning and tingling sensation around the lips with small pimples forming, which later become blisters.

Other symptoms that might accompany the virus are fevers and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck area.

As far as the HPV-2 virus is concerned, the first signs and symptoms usually appear within about a week of exposure, and they start with burning and itching in the genital area, after which blisters and painful sores appear. The biggest problem with these sores is that they can become infected very easily, which can lead to symptoms that resemble the flu and can even make urination painful because of the area in which these infected sores are located.

The symptoms tend to be a lot more severe for women.

HPV-2 can also lead to liver damage if there are complications involved. It can also be based from mother to child during childbirth, which can lead to an increase risk of blindness or brain damage in the child.

Women who have genital herpes are also at greater risk for cervical cancer and should get regular pap smears done in order to monitor the genital area.

Natural treatments

There are natural treatments that can be used, especially in the form of ointments and pastes, in order to treat the herpes sores.

Aloe Vera gel is good because it can soothe and dry the herpes sores, making them heal at a faster rate.

Here is a great paste you can use for herpes, and it is all natural. Take goldenseal powder, black walnut hull powder and Echinacea root powder and mix these powdered herbs while moistening them with some St. Johns’ wort/lemon balm tincture. This paste should be applied on the sores in order to help get rid of them quickly.

It is also a good idea to take herbal baths, which will sooth the sores and heal the skin.

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