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What is the genital herpes?

Being one of the sexually transmitted diseases, it could be concluded that the genital herpes is among the very common conditions. It is, actually the infection of the viral origin, in fact, around one fifth of the population suffers from this kind of herpes. So, the biggest problem related to this disease is that the symptoms are not always visible, yet the condition is most commonly manifested as the apparition of the blister-like lesion(s) on the area of the genitals. Besides the lack of the indicators and signs and the fact that the affected individuals in the majority of the cases aren’t aware of having this virus, the fact that the cure for this disease has not yet been found, is also very discouraging.

Consequently, the first thing that should be done is to stay away from the unprotected sexual contact, and, as far as the treatment is concerned, it is only possible to prevent the infection and to lessen the following related troubles of it. That is mainly, because the provoker should be treated, and in the case of this infection, the trigger still remains unknown.

So, the best option is to treat the condition by the use of the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs, since they don’t provide the negative possible side effects, unlike the artificial medications. Of course, it is important to say that these herbs are also focused on stopping the process of the development of the condition. The most effective treatment

When it comes to lessening the symptoms, the ache, itch, the burning pain and swelling could be successfully reduced to the minimum, not only by the use of the prescribed medications (which is compulsory) and that therapy which is also enriched with the medications that lower the pain, but also with the simple sessions of holding the ice over the affected spot. This is the most popular homemade and folk remedy for dealing with the swelling combined with pain. Also, it is good to immerse the body into the bath tub and add the baking soda into the warm water, for the same purpose.

And, when it comes to the herbs that have very potent agents that suppress the viral infections and the inflammation, the most effective are the remedies based on garlic, Aloe Vera (rich in the regenerative agents), and the oil extracted from the tea tree (annihilates the virus and helps in treating the consequences of it, too). However, it is advisable to enrich the dietary regime with enough of the vitamins A and C and the mineral zinc.

And, finally, it is important to have in mind that the patient should restrain him or herself from intercourse, and even from the oral sex. Touching the genitalia also isn’t recommended.

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