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Having sex, even just an oral sex can get you infected with genital herpes. The primary infection is a first stage of a herpes outbreak. The first stage includes a 10-14 days flu and maybe a couple of painful blisters located in the area of genitals or anus, and with women, a vaginal discharge. After the first stage, infection often comes back after treatment, but there are still people who never get another symptom of genital herpes, ever, even if the virus still sleeps in body. 4 out 5 people have herpes virus but do not know about it, because the symptoms are light and spreads without knowledge. Whether the symptoms are visible or not, the virus may not be present. There is only 1 out 10 chance of transmitting it.

According to some doctors, 1 out of 10 people are having genital herpes virus. Genital herpes is something not discussed openly and those who are having it are ashamed, isolated or frustrated. But for those who are getting desperate it is important to know that there is a right combination of herbs and amount of nutrition that actually can reverse genital herpes.

There are doctors who would claim that for genital herpes there is no cure, and knowledge of having it can lower self- esteem in person. Unprotected sex is always a problem, no matter if symptoms are present or not. And the virus in one partner can seriously ruin the one’s relationship. Even if the condition is chronic illnesses, just like HIV, there are no public support groups. Genital herpes isolates people. There is not much knowledge about genital herpes, in general. Even if the genital herpes has no cure, it is also known that there are herbal medicines that can reverse the process; such herbs are antiviral and are:

- una de gato or Cat's Claw, - pansy galangal, - astragalus, - lapacho, - myrrh, - ligustrum.

The Thyme, Cayenne or Licorice are in general all herbs that fight herpes virus.Reishi, for instance is a slices of mushroom that is antiviral and empowers an immune system. Lysine is amino acid that controls and prevents herpes. Thuja in cream or as propolis treats through the skin and calms irritation on the surface where the blisters are, and fights herpes.

Reversing a Process

Now you can welcome back healthy sex life!To reverse herpes you need a totally healthy immune system. There are nutrients that can aid the process of healthy building of immunity, nutrients such as zinc, Echinacea, vitamin C etc. Each treatment needs to be adopted for each person individually. An herbalist needs to find a right combination and dose for everyone separately depending of symptoms and other factors as well. It is necessary to find herbalist with experience in reversing of genital herpes. There are serious factors who indicate that herbal medicine can reverse the process and kill the virus.

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