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Green tea is well-known for many of its benefits. However, numerous people are interested in its power to increase one’s chances of conceiving. This remarkable quality of green tea is connected with its antioxidant characteristics, which decrease the level of toxins in the body and repair the damage that aging, toxins and other harmful situations do to our cells. The commonly known measure for increasing fertility during your menstrual cycle by 100% is drinking ½ a cup daily.

Drinking Green Tea and Increasing Your Fertility

Green tea contains caffeine, even though the levels of this substance are much lower than those found in a cup of coffee. Either way, if you are not supposed to consume caffeine, stay away from green tea as well.

Yet, caffeine does not increase the fertility. Rather, some other substances in green tea possess the power of creating greater number of viable embryos, by boosting the chances of fertilization of the oocytes.

Also, taking stereotypes about green tea consumers into consideration, these people are known to pay attention to their health and resent smoking and alcohol consumption, focusing on healthy nutrition and a positive lifestyle. Perhaps these factors have a say, when it comes to fertility and green tea consumption.

Can Drinking Green Tea Decrease One’s Fertility?

Apart from many positive ingredients that green tea possesses, it contains some bad ones too. Namely, tannic acid, being an element related to miscarriage and fertility problems, is found in green tea. Also, some antioxidants which are found in green tea are known to be related to growth of tumors which can potentially prevent the growth of a developing embryo. On top of this, some people claim that excessive consumption of green tea can lead to miscarriages and increased occurrences of birth defects, the same way that coffee and alcohol do.

Drink or Not?

Now, we face a confusing state of affairs, since some factors are for green tea and some against, regarding fertility and increased chances of healthy pregnancy. The best step to take is to do your own research and consult with your doctor before taking any risks. Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition can make all the difference when it comes to giving birth to a healthy child. Thus, along with drinking green tea on a daily basis, you might want to pay attention to many other factors of your lifestyle, improving them in order to improve your fertility.

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