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Green tea is believed to provide the body with great health benefits. This type of tea has been part of the staple diet of Chinese, Japanese and other Asian cultures for centuries. The tea itself is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. This is a large shrub that is widespread in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Green tea also has various different forms, which depend on the processing methods and growing conditions. Green tea is low in caffeine and high in polyphenols.

What are Polyphenols

Polyphenols are antioxidants, and are said to be even more potent than vitamin C. The presence of these chemicals results in a slightly bitter essence. Other chemical ingredients of green tea are caffeine, theophyllin and theobromine. Many reports have been made as to the benefits of this type of tea, and modern science has found that green tea can indeed provide numerous health benefits.

Benefits of Green Tea

One benefit of green tea is the possibility that it can lead to a reduced risk of cancer. This is seen to be true because of low cancer rates in countries where green tea is a staple part of the diet. However, it has not been conclusively proven that green tea is indeed responsible for the low cancer rates. Researchers do believe that polyphenols can help lower the risk of exposure to various types of cancer, including breast, lung and skin cancer.

Weight Loss

Green tea could also help with weight loss. It is proposed that polyphenols play a role in speeding up the metabolism and increasing the fat burning effects of green tea. Further to this, there is an idea that green tea can assist in the prevention of diabetes, as a result of its ability to regulate glucose tolerance. It is also recommended to try and consume green tea in order to prevent damage occurring to the liver as a result of excess alcohol consumption.

Speeding Up the Brain Processes

Some neurological ailments might also be staved off by the consumption of green tea. However, these reports are largely anecdotal. The idea behind this theory is that catechins in the tea increase norpinephrine levels, which can help speed up the brain processes.

Cardiovascular Benefits

It is also proposed that green tea can lead to a healthier heart. Some studies have indicated that green tea does help with artherosclerosis. Green tea might also have benefits as regards blood pressure, due to its ability to help keep blood vessels clear. Green tea might also lower cholesterol.

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