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Too Much Protein

This factor can maintain, build and repair cells and tissues, but if you consumea lot of it, there are some problems that can arise. The food we eat is absorbed by our body and in this way, necessary body chemicals,enzymes and hormones are created. Skin, blood, cartilage, boneand muscle blocks have protein and it is their vital part. The derivation ofthe energy required from the proteins can be created by the intake ofcarbohydrates in the amount less than needed. If we do not consume the amount ofprotein needed by the body, the immune system will become weaker, development willbe impaired and muscle mass may be reduced. Also, this can lead to the impairedsystem of the body, like respiratory and circulatory system. One important factis that everything that is good for the body is good if it is taken in theappropriate amount. This is also the case with proteins.

The Amount Needed

This is a very difficult question to answer since there are many different opinionson this subject. There are people who want to enhance the muscle mass and theytake great quantities of protein. But this is one of the popular misconceptions since, if the body cannot absorb the protein, which is something an individualhas to do, this method is useless. Only stress will be at higher level if onetakes a lot of protein and doesn't exercise at all. According to the USDHHS, or the UnitedState Department of Health and Human Service, the young adults and teenage boysshould consume 7oz of protein. Teenage men and girls and active women need totake also 7, while 2-7oz of protein should be consumed by a child every day.The recommended amount of protein for an adult is 5oz.

Side Effects

Ketosis is a problem that is created when we take a lot of protein and lowamount of carbohydrates. When this happens, the energy will be created from thefat and this will created ketone, which are carbon particles. They can causewater weight loss, appetite loss and other problem. Also, a problem can becreated when a sudden diet, with a lot of protein, is included. Ammonia and calciumwill be removed trough the urine if this problem is present. Kidneys will haveto work harder to digest the protein and this will cause some kidney problems.But this can be eliminated by including some exercises. Also, lack of calciumwill force the body to take it from the bones and this will lead to fragile andporous bones. Several tissue problems and osteoporosis can be created due tothis effect, while other problem that can arise from the too much proteinconsumption are breathing problems, concentration loss, constipation, confusion,muscle spasms, muscle cramps, headache, fatigue, and dehydration. It willeliminate a lot of very important nutrients that the body requires.Remember that protein is very important for the body, but only is normal andrequired amounts.

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