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Exercising is very important today because it helps peoplekeep their bodies in shape. This means that fat is lost and muscles strengthenedwith exercising. There are several ways of workout and several types of exercises. Mostcommon and mostly used, at least in the gyms, is isotonic exercise. To explainthis type of exercise, we will say that in this motion, a muscle movescompletely, covering the entire range, and the tension present is always thesame, at the maximum, during the entire contraction, hence the name.

Types of workout

Isotonic exercise facts tell us that those exercises areused by people who need to increase their muscle mass. Most popular tools usedin this exercise are additional weights in a form of dumbbells and barbells. Asfor the workout itself, opinions differ when it comes to strategy that should beused. Some say that the entire training session should be done as fast aspossible, without any pauses, between sets and exercises. This will ensurealmost constant contraction of the muscle, which should create great effects.Of course, this is not easily performed, so there is another strategy, the one thatinvolves some resting time between sets and exercises. That strategy points outthat the rest is important for muscles to be better prepared for the nextexercise.

Isotonic exercises can put a lot of strain on the musclesand therefore, resting time between two training sessions should be at least 24hours. Some say that this period could be shortened with the help of the musclerecovery products, but when it comes to rest, it might be for the best to last as much as needed.


Isotonic exercise can be helped out with supplements. Thoseare used for enhancing the muscle growth rate, for boosting energy (which isvery important, especially for the mentioned no pause training), fat burning(of course, these are used if there is any excessive fat), mentioned musclerecovery products, vitamin cocktails, etc. If exercising is serious and we wantthe best possible effect out of it, then some supplements have to be used.Nothing too serious, for competitive bodybuilding for example; just one or twoproducts, muscle gainer and booster, for example. Those two would be enough tocreate the best possible results for a recreational practitioner.

Whatever type of exercising and workout used, when it comesto supplements, it is important to have a medical approval. Most of thesupplements should not be dangerous, if used properly and as instructed, butthere might be some allergy present and that can cause serious problems.

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