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Narcissists, regardless of whether they are female or male, live for showing their grandiosity to others and exposing other people to their self-importance and superiority. In order to achieve these things, they are prepared to manipulate others to quite an extent. However, beneath this visage, narcissists actually crave for attention of others, desiring admiration. Thus, this condition is rather ambivalent and paradoxical.

Narcissism Per Se

First of all, narcissists, again regardless of whether they are female and male, demand attention while at the same time they bloat and act unreachable and superior. So, in fact, their own self-image is prone to doubts and insecurities. Subsequently, narcissists create a false self-image which they adore and perceive as real. Basically, they are living a lie and, in time, get totally detached from reality. Yet, when it comes to means of achieving their goals, male and female narcissists do separate their ways, as far as their behavioral patterns are concerned.

Narcissism: Men vs Women

The main difference between female and male narcissists is that the former ones use less aggressive and manipulative actions in order to achieve recognition and all the other aspects they consider themselves entitled to. On the other hand, male narcissists are well-known for their aggressive approach when it comes to these factors.

Also, male narcissists are prone to self-handicapping while female narcissists are not. Self-handicapping is a method that a male narcissist uses when he is in danger of being incompetent regarding any given action. Since narcissists praise themselves on being perfect, they cannot afford to make mistakes. So, if they are facing a situation where their mask may be seen-through, self-handicapping keeps them safe.

Additionally, males are the only ones being prone to interpersonal competition. Female narcissists do not practice this. Self-enhancement is yet another aspect where male narcissists excel, if necessary.

Females, on the other hand seek their narcissistic fulfillment through making connections with glamorous others.

Both sexes usually develop narcissism due to lack of empathy shown by the mother. Therefore, males compensate for this lack through being dominant and superior towards other people, when they are narcissists, of course. Female narcissists, having no gain from the male approach, use more subtle means in order to gain their narcissistic goals.

All in all, even though many would claim that female and male narcissists are the same, this is not true. There are numerous differences between the two and one should know this, being capable of seeing through narcissists which might cross his/her path.

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