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Are you pregnant, and about to get married? Not too long ago, "shotgun weddings" were a bit of a taboo subject. These days, plenty of couples consciously make the decision to get married during pregnancy. Some like the idea of including their baby, and others are getting married only for administrative reasons marriage makes having a baby together less of a bureaucratic hassle. Either way, we have some tips for pregnant brides!

The dress is one of the most important aspects of a wedding! Wear something you love, and don't try to hide your baby bump. Designers are making wonderful maternity wedding dresses, so don't feel the need to wear a tent... unless you actually like that! Make-up is another crucial part of a bride's looks, and many really stress about this. You've got the best chance of wonderful looking skin if you get married in the second trimester of pregnancy, when you are likely to have that famous glowing skin many expectant moms love. The first trimester is likely to be overshadowed by skin blemishes. Don't get married too close to your estimated due date. Obviously, you do not want to go into labor while you are saying your wedding vows. Wedding days can go on all day and all night. But as a pregnant bride, your comfort should come first. Don't feel bad about having a shorter service and reception, or even a service one day and a reception on another day. Assess how much you'll be on your feet in advance, and don't feel bad about sitting down when you are feeling rough. Weddings usually come with an abundance of gifts. You can use the occasion to ask for baby items you need or you could leave that for the baby shower.

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