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Human muscular system, along with skeletal system presents asystem for performing all sorts of motions and movements. Even though injuriesof this system might not seem so dangerous (broken bone and torn muscle are notthe same thing as cardiac arrest), those injuries prevents us from moving andperforming all daily activities.


Muscles consist of muscle fibers, which are created frommuscle cells. There are two major types of muscles, smooth and skeletal. Thereis also a cardiac muscle, which is a sort of hybrid of those two mentionedtypes. Skeletal muscles are those engaged in the motions and movements, whilesmooth muscles are found it the inner organs, usually the walls of thoseorgans. Of course, most visible are skeletal muscles, which are mostly placedalongside the bones, and are connected with tendons to thosebones. Their contraction helps us perform all possible motions. It is done withthe anaerobic and aerobic process. Aerobic process is done with the help ofoxygen. This type of contraction is used with slow contractions, such as walking,running, normal, common movements in general. Presence of oxygen preventslactic acid form occurring, which enables these contraction to be performed overa long period. This is especially good for those people who need to reducesome excessive weight. Aerobic or cardio exercises burn a lot of fat since theycan be done for a long time. Performing this type of exercises will generallycreate lean muscles. Other type of workout, anaerobic exercise, is used insituations when fast and highly intensive contraction is needed (when somethingheavy is lifted, for example). That is why it is obvious that this type ofexercising is used in bodybuilding. It cannot be done for a long time becausethe contraction happens fast and there is simply no time for the oxygen to comeinto the picture and therefore, lactic acid starts to accumulate and tire themuscle eventually. Therefore, this type of exercise cannot be done for manytimes, especially if the weight lifted is very heavy.


Skeletal muscles are connected to bones with tendons, whileligaments are used to connect bone with another bone. It is obviously a complexstructure, which needs certain things in order to function properly. Muscles needproteins for structure and carbohydrates as the energy source for proper functioning.This is a basic fact, which is used for dieting process. Intake of less carbs asenergy source induces fat burning for compensating that lack of energy.

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