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Muscular system

The human body is very complex in its structure. It iscomprised of many organs and systems. Each part of the human body has a veryimportant role in the proper functioning of the whole organism. One of thebody’s systems is muscular system. Due to this system, we are able to move andmake different movements. The muscular system is made of the muscles that canbe of different kinds. The muscular system actually represents an immensenetwork of tissues that are responsible for the moving of the body, but also forthe different movements inside the body. The movements happen when the musclescontract and relax.

Muscle tissues are made of the cells thatcontain microscopic fibers that slide past each other in order to compress it. The muscle can be voluntary and involuntary. While wecontrol the voluntary muscles, the involuntary muscles are only controlled by thenervous system. For example, the muscles in the hands, feet and on the face arevoluntary, while the muscles that control many systems in the body areinvoluntary, such as the muscles of the digestive or respiratory system, as wellas the muscles that control the heart movement.

Types of muscles

The muscular system in human is made of muscles thatcan be of different types. There are three main kinds of muscles in the humanbody and those are skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and cardiac muscles. The skeletal muscles are connected to the skeletonand there are about 650 skeleton muscles in the human body. The skeleton musclesare voluntary muscles that work in pairs. These muscles can perform short, longand single contractions.

The smooth muscles are those involuntary muscles that are found in the organs inside the body and that control many systems, such asdigestive system or respiratory system, for example. These muscles may stretchand keep tension for a long time. The cardiac muscles are involuntary muscles that can be found only in the human heart. They can contract and stretch. These musclesare mainly twitch muscles since they only perform short single contractions.

Some muscular system facts

In order to make a facial expression of happiness,for example, more than 30 facial muscles should be moved. Furthermore, 17muscles should be moved in order to smile, while 42 muscles to frown.The muscles that are the busiest are the eyemuscles, which move more than 100000 times a day.The largest muscle in the body is the gluteus maximusin the buttocks, while the smallest are found in the ear.The strongest musclesare the chewing muscles, and the longest muscle is starorious.

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