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How much people are active determines their life span quite a lot. People who are more active will live longer. People with a certain disorder like high blood pressure for instance need to know that they can also have a longer life despite the high blood pressure. People need to exercise because it helps the blood flow, metabolism and clear blood stream. On the other hand, inactive people have bad circulation and blocked blood stream which is why they succumb to more diseases than active people.

Inactive lifestyle

A lot of people who live an inactive lifestyle have a greater chance of becoming ill with diabetes or obesity for instance. These two disorders are only a starting point for some other more dangerous health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. A lot of people are not aware that by being active they influence the longevity of their lives a lot. It is a fact that active people live longer. However, people who suffer from high blood pressure for instance first need to talk with a physician and find out what exercises are good for them.

The job determines a person's activity a little bit. For instance, a person who sits in the office the whole day will not burn all the calories he or she consumed. With age, blood sugar will accumulate in a person's blood and impair the circulation. Bad blood circulation is a dangerous thing because it can lead to hypertension and eventually to heart attack or some other life threatening diseases. Blindness and stroke may occur apart from the high blood pressure. This is why a person needs to exercise regularly. If the heart does not get both oxygen and blood it will not work properly.

Even though a lot of people in the world suffer from high blood pressure or some other disorder, they need to realize that an active lifestyle leads to a longer life. The reason is simple and a person who does not exercise will have bad blood circulation and will not burn calories which leads to numerous diseases.


For a majority of people exercise is walking from the couch to the bathroom, from the house to the car and from the car to work. These people need to realize how important it is to exercise regularly. For instance, a person can either walk or take a bike to work.

Another very important thing is the diet a person is on. People need to involve more vegetables, fresh food and fruits into the diet.

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