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People can know a lot about a person's health by simply looking at his or her face. Most people are not aware that some parts of the face actually correlate with some organs and show their general health. Even though these indications may show a person's health, they are not 100% sure. A person should consult his or her doctor if the or she suspects and problems. A bad and imbalanced diet can be seen on a person's face as well.

Nose and lungs

According to some experts the nose is connected with the lungs. For instance, if a person has a long and thin nostrils his or her lungs are not that strong and they have less physical stamina. Such a person should include a lot of exercise and deep breathing into his or her daily routine. On the other hand, a person with wide nostrils is more likely to have strong and powerful lungs. A person whose nose is greasy and with veins visible is most likely suffering from high blood pressure, heart and liver disorders. A cleft on top of the nose means that the person suffers from heart and circulatory problems. A nose that is watery and soft means that that person intakes high amounts of alkaline foods and that that person suffers from a swollen heart.

A person with hollow and sunken cheeks also does not have strong lungs and a digestive system.

Face color

The color of the face also says a lot about a person health. A person who has bluish, red and white spots or a habitual red flashed face might be suffering from some heart disease or too much bile, fever or inflammation. Excessive intake of meat, salt and sugar thickens the blood which makes it harder to circulate. A person whose skin is orange or yellow is probably suffering from some liver, gallbladder, spleen or pancreas ailment. Greenish skin is sometimes a sign of cancer. Chin
A double chin is an obvious sign of a excessive intake of foods rich in cholesterol and fat. On the other hand, a person with a narrow and weak chin means that he or she is of weak health. A person can also have a small chin because of poor quality during pregnancy.

The mouth and lips can sometimes show that a person might be having some internal problems. The mouth also shows a person's mental and physical nature. Cracks at the end of the lips are clear signs of vitamin B2 deficiency but also digestive and stomach disorders.


A person's adrenal and kidney condition can be seen by a person's ears. For instance, small ears mean that a person has small kidneys and weak adrenals.

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