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High blood pressure

The blood pressure fluctuates during a day since it depends on many factors, such as activity, mood and health. If one suffers from elevated blood pressure for a long time, he/she suffers from hypertension. It is estimated that over 60% of the people above 65 years of age have increased blood pressure.

Hypertension is considered to be the silent killer since the heart gradually weakens since it is compelled to work harder. Heart disease, congestive heart failure and stroke usually result from high blood pressure. If the hypertension is left untreated it may lead to the kidney disease and blindness as well.

Unfortunately, there are people who are predisposed to develop hypertension and nothing can be done to prevent it. On the other side, healthy eating plan can help the other people to prevent developing hypertension later in life.

DASH eating plan

High blood pressure can be successfully regulated by a good and healthy eating plan. The diet should include a lot of foods which are low in the saturated and total fat as well as cholesterol. It should include abundance of fruits and vegetables.

The DASH eating plan is recommended by many experts. The DASH means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Whole grains, fish, protein and fiber are included in this eating plan. Furthermore, poultry and nuts are also a part of this eating plan which is high in many minerals and low in fats and sugary. For reduction of high blood pressure the doctors recommend low intake of sodium and salt.

When beginning the DASH eating plan, diarrhea and bloating may occur. Therefore, it is advisable to gradually switch to this diet. For example, the four cookies should be replaced with an apple, the consummation of butter and margarine should be reduced by half, the meat should also be avoided or taken with a lot of vegetables and vitamin B as well as nutrients should be increased by eating whole grain cereals or, on the other side, whole wheat bread.

All these changes should be introduced slowly and gradually. Every person should have a plan and every week to change something and not all at once. Thus, his body will slowly get used to it without any problems and thus the person can be on the DASH eating plan for a long time even for life. It is proven that DASH eating plan can successfully lower hypertension even within 14 days.

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