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High Blood Pressure

We can simplify the blood pressure and describe it as the reflection of the heart’s pumping. It shows us how hard the heart is actually pumping. When the blood pressure is higher than the normal, this is associated with the high blood pressure and this is what high blood pressure actually is. If the blood pressure in this situation is higher than normal, no matter if you are relaxed or agitated, this problem can be reduced. Some use medication for this purpose, while others try to alter the habits of life and achieve the reduction of blood pressure. The blood pressure can be reduced with the things like exercise and diet. If you are trying to bring the blood pressure in normal level, we will give you several tips that can help with this goal.

Steps in Decreasing High Blood Pressure

The first step is to make change in eating habits. Person with high blood pressure should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Also, foods that are known to reduce the blood pressure must be incorporated in the nutrition. These are foods with high levels of minerals, magnesium supplements, potassium and calcium supplements, olive oil, fatty fish, garlic, and celery. Some say that if you eat two stalks of celery during one day, the high blood pressure can be reduced to normal. Next step is to reduce the intake of sodium, which should not be higher than 5g during the day. Some may be surprised by the number of foods that have high levels of sodium. Many food items have sodium naturally in them. If you want to reduce the high blood pressure, you have to start paying attention to what you eat. Read every label you see and know what you are consuming. Be careful when sodium consumption is in question. This may be a problem since almost every processed food item has sodium included.

Nicotine will also make the blood pressure rise and the heart work much harder, which will interfere with the delivery of the carbon monoxide and the oxygen. Also, when you exercise, during the 15-20 minutes following the exercise, the blood pressure will be reduced. You will also need to reduce the consumption of alcohol and sugar. Breathing may be important for the reduction of high blood pressure. The breathing exercises are very popular in China. You need to breathe through the nose and then exhale the air. This should last 10 seconds. You need to repeat this 4 or 5 times in the course of a day. At the end, remember that 50% of all medical conditions can be prevented or cured with the proper nutrition.

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