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There is a clear connection between the certain foods and blood pressure. Namely, food rich in sodium is not good for people who are suffering from increased blood pressure as sodium tends to bind water and increase the amount of fluids within the body. Consequently the amount of blood will rise and the pressure will rise. Additionally, people who are eating food rich in fatty acids increase the risk of atherosclerosis which is another potential cause or even a consequence of high blood pressure.

Obesity and High Blood Pressure

People with optimal weight reduce the risk of increased blood pressure. On the other hand obese people tend to suffer from high blood pressure more than other people. The risk in obese people is even 50% greater than in people with normal weight. The conclusion is that obese people should lose extra weight and prevent high blood pressure from occurring.

Diet and Hypertension

Diet cannot treat high blood pressure, but it can be of great assistance to already prescribed medications. Additionally, people who are eating properly can effectively reduce risks of other medical conditions and prevent certain complications of high blood pressure.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

The essence of the diet for people who are suffering from hypertension lies in lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, skinny meat and cut in intake of saturated fats. Excessive intake of cholesterol needs to be reduced, if not suspended.

Calcium, potassium and magnesium need to be taken on daily bases and in proper amount. Food rich in fibers is recommended as well.

Reduction in Sodium Intake

Sodium regulates blood pressure. Food rich in sodium leads to increased blood pressure. This is why people who are suffering from this medical condition need to reduce intake of sodium. A person should avoid eating salty snacks and should limit the usages of salt while preparing meals.

Processed food also contains a lot of salt, therefore it should be avoided. High sodium food s such as sauces, some meat, canned soups and pickled food are not supposed to be consumed at all. Still if one is not sure how much salt each product contains he/ she can check food labels and see whether the amount of salt exceeded the daily limit.

Apart from proper dieting those who are suffering from increased blood pressure may as well increase physical activity as this is also helpful in reduction of blood pressure. Light exercise or regular walk can be excellent and bring blood pressure under control.

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