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High blood pressure and why does it need to be treated?

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a very common and serious heart condition, which may even be life-threatening in some cases. What happens in people who suffer from it is that the heart pumps more blood, thus increasing the pressure to the walls of the arteries, particularly, if they are already narrowed. Even though this condition does not necessarily have to cause the symptoms immediately in everyone who has it, the fact is that they will appear sooner or later. What is even worse, if left untreated or undiagnosed for a longer period of time, this condition may bring about serious health problems, among which the most severe are stroke and heart attack. People who are physically inactive, those who are obese, smoke, drink too much of alcohol, as well as those with improper and inadequate diet are much more prone to this condition than those with healthier lifestyle and eating habits. However, since the measurement of blood pressure is a part of the routine checkup, this condition is usually easily detected, and those who take their condition seriously have many options at disposal in order to control it.

What are the most helpful herbs in the treatment of high blood pressure?

Besides many medications that are usually prescribed in the treatment of hypertension, more and more people turn to natural ways of dealing with this problem. Among them certain herbs play a very significant role, since they have proven to be more than efficient in this process, and with the use of them, people don’t have to be afraid of the possible side effects. However, it is necessary to include healthy diet and at least moderate physical activity, because without that, even the herbs cannot do much. The most beneficial herbs are:

Turmeric, which contains curcumin as one of the ingredients, and curcumin is known for its ability to prevent the formation of blood clots, to reduce the level of cholesterol, as well as the ability to improve the flow of the blood and strengthen the blood vessels.Hawthorn Berry is an herb known for the ability to open the coronary arteries, thus improving the flow of the blood. It is also beneficial when thickening of the arteries needs to be reduced and when heart muscle needs to be strengthened.Ginkgo Biloba also has the potential to improve the circulation and reduce blood pressure, though it also increases the flow of the blood to the brain.Olive leaf extract successfully fights the arrhythmia and lowers blood pressure.

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