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Acne problems are very frequent problem nowadays and they involve people of all ages. However, that problem is very common in puberty and even more during the pregnancy. Essentially important is to get to the bottom of the issue and treat them carefully and with right drug and method, which is specific for every individual. For example pimples which appeared during pregnancy must be treated with the drug consisting of substances which don’t interfere with hormonal levels, so that the fetus stays healthy. So to be sure that the best care is provided, the best thing to do is to take only medications prescribed by physician or dermatologist.

Therefore, fortunately there are a lot of available therapies for pregnant women affected by acne. Despite that there is also a great number of harmful ones and one should certainly be aware of them.

The bad and good solutions

However it is strongly advised that one should stay away from the medications that kill bacteria (antibiotics),because they can be very hazardous for the life of the baby. One of them certainly is Tetracycline because it damages the structure of the baby’s bones. Others which are very helpful in fighting against zits in puberty, but on the other hand, very dangerous in the case of pregnancy are Accutane (which could cause the death of the baby), retinol (affects badly on fetus development, and furthermore on mother’s milk), the drugs based on hormones (which provoke disrupted balance in hormone level) , and so on.

Fortunately there is great amount of medicaments which are based on ingredients that don’t do harm if taken during pregnancy. One of the most usually prescribed drug is erythromycin. It also belongs to the group of antibiotics, but doesn’t make any harm to the mother nor the baby and it is very frequent ingredient of the cosmetic products for the skin care. However it has shown strong effect on acne problem. Associated with this drug is another called clindamycin which can be used either orally or topically. Also, very popular treatment of the pimples which occur in pregnancy is azelaic acid which is not used only the most mild cases, but also when the pimples get more serious.

Of course, before any of this treatments it is essentially important to provide high level of cleanness of the infected area, that is, to cleanse the facial skin on the regular basis. Also, very important is not to touch infected spots with dirty hands nor to squeeze them.

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