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What areStretch Marks?

Rapid stretchingof the skin can result in stretch marks. Overstretching of the skin affectcollagen tissue and the damage of this tissue is what causes stretch marks. Thiscan happen to both men and women, although women are more likely to developstretch marks, especially on the hips, thighs, lower back, breasts,buttocks or on the belly. Puberty, weight changes (whether weight loss orweight gain) and pregnancy are some of the conditions known to provoke stretch marks.Weight lifters or bodybuilders can also experience this problem.

Stretch marksare actually scars on the skin that look like lines. In the beginning these arepurplish red, but after some time, scars become white, look empty and theaffected skin is soft to touch. The skin changes in texture and color, but thepeople affected by stretch marks don’t experience any pain because of that.

Reduce andPrevent Stretch Marks

Stretch marksare not the most pleasant site on anyone’s skin, and people often want to getrid of them. There are some cosmetic and plastic surgeries designed to erasestretch marks, but no one can guarantee good results. Costs of these surgeriesare also very high, and this may be the reason many people turn to natural andhome remedies against stretch marks.

Regular exfoliationcan help you to reduce the stretch marks. Simply, use scrunchy or loofah everytime you take a shower and the parts of your body affected by stretch markswill look better. Hot baths and massages using cod or olive oil are also foundto be especially beneficial for these scars. You could try Vicks Vapor rub forthe same purpose, too.

Some claimthat the content of vitamin E capsules (the gel) is very good for stretchmarks. Use the gel on the skin every day for 2 weeks and the result should bevisibly improved scars.

According tosome sources, glycolic acid and vitamin C supplements (dose about 500mg) shouldbe used three times per day, in people who want to get rid of stretch marks.

However, youhave to know that stretch marks can’t be removed completely, only reduced. Humanskin consists of three layers, known as epidermis, dermis and subcutaneousstratum. Stretch marks appear as the result of the stretching of the middlelayer, dermis, for a period of time and tearing of both dermis and epidermis ofthe skin. Preventing stretch marks has much more sense than wasting the moneytrying to remove them unsuccessfully. Regular exercise, healthy diet and plentyof water are some of the advices for prevention of stretch marks. Women planningthe pregnancy should start to use cocoa butter on the skin, because it is saidto improve elasticity of the skin and prevent any potential stretch marks.

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