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Acne can affect anyone at any age, it is certainly not just reserved for those in their teenage years. It usually will begin in the early teens but it can carry on bothering a person into their adulthood and in some cases the acne can rear its ugly head in adulthood even if it was not evident in the earlier years. It is estimated that thirty percent of women and twenty percent of men between the ages of twenty to sixty years are affected by breakouts of spots.

The Causes of Adult Acne

Acne in adults are mainly caused by an over active sebaceous gland that produced too much oil for the skin to handle. The sebum that is made will clog up the pores thus bringing the bacteria causing the inflamed spots. In some cases acne are caused by being hypersensitive or having an overproduction of androgens which are the male hormones. However, if a man or a woman has an imbalance of estrogen, which is the female hormone it can cause the outbreak of spots too. This is especially evident when a woman is pregnant or she is going through menopause. Additionally, some forms of medication can contribute to spots such as corticosteroids. Cosmetic products can also add to the growth of acne.

How Is Adult Acne Treated

The majority of acne treatments are aimed at the teenage market that generally has more oily skin. However as adults, we tend to have a dryer skin surface so these products are probably not best suited. As with many products on the market, it is going to have to be a case of trial and error. As for cleansers, many will recommend Cetaphil and Aquanil as they are the most gentle. During the adult acne treatment stay away from too-strong gels and products that have beads or granules, because these are abrasive thus can cause irritation and possibly worsen sensitive skin. As for your creams, buy one that has retinol in it so it can clean pores and help at the same time to reduce fine wrinkles. If you want to stop discoloration and at the same time fade acne scars use products that have salicylic and glycolic acids.

A Skin-Care Regimen for the Acne Prone People

Wash your face following these steps. Keep your face clean throughout the day. You must wash your face twice a day with a cleanser. Use only warm water, not extremely hot or cold water. Use your hands, not a cloth and only wash for a minute.

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