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When you get pregnant, being put on bedrest at home or even at the hospital is not normally what you imagine. Bedrest can often make the difference between a preemie and a full-term or nearly full-term baby, especially in twin pregnancies or higher multiple pregnancies. It can also be extremely hard to cope with. How do you survive bedrest during pregnancy?

It's very tempting to throw a cliche around: "Just think of the baby you are doing it for!" But let's be honest for a minute, and admit a healthy pregnancy is important, but bedrest sucks. You need a lot more than peaceful thoughts to get through weeks of bedrest without going insane. Practical things that keep you occupied are probably much more useful for you, if you are currently in this situation.

So, here are some tips that will help you get through bedrest:

Obviously, you are using the internet if you are reading this blog. Do it some more. Reading blogs of those who went through bedrest before may be therapeutic. Playing games like Civilization or World of Warcraft makes the time go even more quickly. Read great books. You can also listen to audio books, while doing something like knitting for your baby. Have friends over, and let them pamper you. Indulge in gossip, even if you are not usually one for that. Socializing keeps you in touch with the "real world" out there, and makes the time pass. Write a book. Or a blog. Writing helps prevent pent-up negative feelings, and takes a lot of time too. If you decide to try blogging, you can also find a large community of other women who are in a similar situation. Use the time to connect with your partner. Discuss your wishes in life, and plan the future. Joke around together and enjoy the quiet time as a couple before the baby or babies come.

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