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Bed rest during pregnancy may be very worrying at first, because you are usually on it because your baby is at risk. But, whether you are on bed rest at home or in the hospital, it can also become very, very boring after a while. Just how do you keep busy and keep those worries from your mind while you are on bred rest? Here are some ideas for pregnant moms on bed rest.

Nowadays, most hospitals have internet access. If you can have your laptop in your room, participating in forums, reading blogs, and perhaps playing games online are great ways to pass the time. As anyone with even a slight internet habit (ehm... addiction) knows, nothing makes the time pass as quickly as browsing the web. And since you are expecting a baby, you have plenty to inform yourself about! Good books are just as great as an internet connection. Get your partner or someone else to bring you all those books you've been wanting to read for a while, but didn't have the time. You can write a journal and keep it so your baby can read it later! If you are a writer or have another job that you can do on the computer, you may even be able to work while you are on bed rest. Do you knit? If so, knitting is a great activity that you can do while on bed rest. Cute baby booties, sweaters, and hats here you come! If you are in hospital, you may be able to get up for a while and be a great labor coach for women who don't have company yet and want help to cope with labor. Discuss your mobility with doctors, and perhaps they can even give you something to do to keep you busy, like folding bedding. My friend who was on bed rest for 10 weeks in hospital also mentioned getting up in spite of hospital orders, and stealing cuttings of all the hospital plants she could find. Probably a bed idea (oops, that was a Freudian mistake, I meant bad idea), but it does illustrate how boring bed rest gets.

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