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Have you ever watched CSI: Miami? I know I love the show, so this bit of celebrity gossip is quite interesting. CSI star Emily Procter tried to conceive a baby for many years, and did not expect to get pregnant any more. When she did get pregnant, she had no idea until she had a dream in which a woman told her that she was pregnant and would finally become a mother! I normally try to stay away from celebrity gossip but the story surrounding Emily Procter is really quite fascinating. Apparently, she had no symptoms at all, and her boyfriend, the musician Paul Bryan had given up hope of getting pregnant at all. Then one day, this woman appeared in her dream and told her: "Honey, you're pregnant!". Of course Emily Procter told her, "No way!" but was persuaded to take a pregnancy test the moment she woke up from the dream.

Sure enough, she turned out to be expecting. Emily, who is due in December, said: "It s probably 90 percent men [on set], and I expected them to be weird about it, and they have been so sweet. I get guys coming in saying, 'These are my daughter's favorite onesies,' and 'My son loves this rattle' or 'This works really well for my family.' These big burly guys who could walk on fire and not feel it are like, 'Let me get you a chair. Are you thirsty? Are you drinking enough water?'" She's looking awesome and is keeping her baby's gender a surprise until birth. Have any of you ever found out that you were pregnant through a dream? Do you think your body somehow knows about pregnancies your brain is oblivious of? What is the most original way you or someone you know has ever found out that they were pregnant?

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