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Early pregnancy is normally a time of extreme joy, as well as extreme tiredness. Are you going through this now? I sympathize! The beginning of pregnancy leaves me so tired that I have real trouble getting up in the morning, and want to take an afternoon nap. Simple tasks such as getting on a bus, or waiting in a queue becoming a real struggle.

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy, so you do not need to doubt for one moment whether what you are going through is normal. The question is can you do anything about it? A radical rise in progesterone levels, coupled with the fact that your body is working harder than ever before, mean that tiredness is hardly surprising! Even if you were a high-energy person before you conceived your baby, you might now be feeling like going to bed at 8 o'clock. Of course, you want to know if there is anything you can do to fight this exhaustion. Don't be disappointed by my answer. I think there are two things you can do to make this time easier. Knowing that your first trimester will only last 12 weeks, and that you will come out of it feeling much more energetic, and you are able to stay up and watch films again, might help you get through early pregnancy fatigue. There are no magic pills that will make you feel less tired, but remembering that this stage will only last for a very short time might just bring you some relief.

The other tip I am offering you is to accept your fatigue as a sign from your body, telling you to take it easy. If you are at all able, accept a slower pace of life while you are exhausted due to early pregnancy. Take naps when you can, and stay home as much as possible. Use this period in your pregnancy to read your favorite books, and start informing yourself about your birth options, the choices of healthcare provider, and nutrition during pregnancy. Snuggle up to your partner and enjoy your time as a childless couple while you can. Soon, your family will change forever - in a good way! Getting your partner to look after you, and pamper you as much as possible, is going to make this time a little easier, and gives him the chance to take a proactive role in your pregnancy too.

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