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Pregnancy is a very special time for most women. There is nothing quite like feeling your baby kick, and that beautiful baby bump is something to enjoy as well. Once your pregnancy is over, you might even feel nostalgic about the less pleasant aspects of being "with child" such as morning sickness or insomnia. No kidding! Keeping an online pregnancy diary is not just a wonderful way of sharing your journey towards motherhood with friends and relatives, it is also a great gift to yourself that you can look back on later. After all, pregnancy is just temporary!

Now that my children are active four and two year-olds, I can hardly remember what it was like to be pregnant. I wish I had documented what I felt like, when my babies started moving, when I was having trouble sleeping, and how we prepared for the arrival of our little ones. I didn't write about my pregnancies at all, though, and all that is left now are vague memories. If I ever get pregnant again, I will make sure to keep an online diary. What are the advantages of writing about your pregnancy online? If you set up a blog on a free blogging platform such as blogger or wordpress, you will be able to log on to your diary at any time and no matter where you are. And friends and relatives can also enjoy reading about your pregnancy and your growing baby or babies.

If you have loved ones who live far away, this is a convenient way to keep them involved in your magical nine months. Are you tired of having to tell 20 different people the very same things about your latest prenatal appointments, your baby name dilemmas, or any other pregnancy-related topics? Just send them to your blog, and they will know all they need to without leaving you feeling like a broken record with a burn out.

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