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Abortion is always an extremely controversial topic at best. So it is no surprise that a blog started by a pregnant Minnesota couple, complete with a poll where readers can vote whether they should "give birth" or "have an abortion", gained global news coverage recently. Pete and Alisha Arnold from Minnesota started a website with the claim that they would allow online poll participants to literally decide whether they would keep their baby, or have an abortion. They declared: "For the first time in history, your vote on the topic of abortion will not go unheard."

If that was not sick enough yet, we'll give you some additional information. The Arnolds are both 30, have allegedly had multiple miscarriages and Alisha has now been put on modified bedrest because of a hematoma. On their website (google "birth or not" if you are interested in taking a look for yourself), the couple gives very detailed information about the development of their baby, including many ultrasound pictures with descriptions of how the baby is developing and moving around. The baby has been nicknamed "wiggles", and the poll to decide about "birth or not" will remain open until two days before the legal abortion limit in Minnesota, at 20 weeks gestation.

The website quickly caught the attention of media outlets including CBS News, the British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail, and Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese newspapers. The blogosphere has been watching the drama unfold with great interest too, and a general consensus seems to have been reached that the birth or not site must be a cheap stunt carried out by pro-life activists. After reading through the site, we agree that it has got to be a sick hoax. No person considering abortion seriously would give details about when and how which bones and organs are forming in a fetus, and describe fetal movement as seen on an ultrasound monitor. No emotions were shared by the couple really, apart from Alisha Arnold saying that she was "getting a little sick of working at home". What do you think about this? Real or not?

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