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Is it possible andmanageable?

Many will hear thisfor the very first time, but that does not make it less true or possible. As itturns out, there are numerous ways how a person can put the period to a completehalt.

When it comes to thefirst technique, this is too many women already self evident, but is not alwayshundred percent effective since this has not yet been fully proved. Namely,once a woman reaches pregnancy, the odds are more in favor than not, that theperiod is to seize as well. The entire cycle of the woman in question is soonto alter, and be followed by the absence of bleeding or a complete halt in thenext nine months, at the minimum. During pregnancy, there occurs a change in the level of hormones, whichis accompanied by numerous other events directly influenced by this change. Andthis presupposes the stopping of a period all together, as well. The moment awoman gives birth to her child, things will slowly begin to return to normal,together with the recurrence of the menstrual cycle or period. Given the natureof the pregnancy, things will take some time to settle. Having all that hasbeen said above in mind, it is quite evident that this particular way to stopthe period is only but temporary in nature, and thus not definite.

Voluntary stop

The followingtechnique is in the greatest number of cases employed by those women who areeager to join the Armed Forces and similar institutions, since once on animportant mission or even basic training, they definitely do not haveenough time to pay attention to their menstrual cycle as well. This calls for a prescription of a specificmedication from an authorized doctor who is a part of the Armed Forces. Butthis can also be valid for a number of other similar situations. Importantthing to know is that the medication in question is not acquirable over thecounter. Once a doctor determines that a woman in question has no other healthissues, the medication is prescribed and is to be employed on a temporary basis,and in those hours of need.

The ultimate selectionand option is hysterectomy. But this is an extremely huge undertake, and it isrecommended that a woman in question thinks hard and for a longer period oftime before making such an extremely important decision.

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