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As an occurrence, the seizures can be fairly “tricky” and uncomfortable for the person in question, and they often appear as symptoms of many conditions, whose successful treatment also wards off the seizures. When the primary culprit of the seizures is familiar, and thus can be effectively done away with, then there is no need to employ additional treatment methods at all. Among the main culprits of seizures which can be cured we find various infections, some types of tumors and extremely high levels of sodium in our body. In the case of those who suffer from the so-called seizure disorders or complications, the best way to treat them is by means of usually employed general techniques in combination with medications. But if seizures persist, then a person should seriously consider a surgical procedure.

The group of those general treatment techniques which are most often employed relies on the following – the first spot is reserved for physical activity and exercise. For those suffering from the above mentioned seizure disorder, this means they are going to have to give up on certain things such as alcohol for example, and the drugs used for recreational purposes, but they should also avoid climbing, swimming or “paling” with the men’s favorite power tools. Another method, that has proved to be especially beneficial and helpful, is the schooling of one or more family members or close friend in aiding you in those moments when the seizure occurs. However, the technique most often used in the movie - putting something hard in a person’s mouth in order to avoid tongue issues, should not be attempted at any cost, since it can cause much more damage than good. What can happen is a severe damaging of the teeth, or even an incident in which a seizure-stricken person may actually leave teeth marks on some body part of the person helping them during the attack. It is exactly for this reason that the seizure-aiders should primarily stick to protecting of the person in question from hitting the ground flat on the face, give the person’s neck a bit more space by relaxing the clothes around it, and putting the pillow to support the person’s head. When pillow is not at hand, a foot or some clothing item can be used for the same purpose.

The type of medicine which is used to battle seizures effectively is called anticonvulsants, known by the potential to diminish the probability of another seizure, occurring in a short period of time. They are primarily given to those who had previously experienced more than one seizure. Given the fact that there exist various kinds of this medicine, each is employed according to the specific nature of the seizure and the response it causes. Another method for treating more severe cases is emergency treatment, which is especially needed if the person experiences attacks longer than 5 minutes in duration, as well as when epilepsy is the underlying cause. If none of the previously mentioned methods provides any results, then a person should undergo a brain surgery.

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