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Given the fact thatthe location of milk is familiar, what remains when it comes to production ofmilk is the way this can be facilitated. The most effective, and only way is by stimulating woman’s breasts. This can be performed either by thewoman herself, or with the help of her partner or spouse. Duration should lastat least twenty minutes (i.e. ten minutes for each breast) and should beperformed eight times at the most, on a daily basis. What has been determined so far is that the most beneficial and effective way to initiate theproduction of milk is by way of suckling (by the partner). In case this sounds abit unpleasant to some, quite a good substitute is also a bit of hand massage,together with the stimulation of the nipple(s). Since the vital hormones, whichare responsible for inducing milk production, are secreted constantly only forten minutes, and stay in woman’s blood stream just for twenty minutes,performing either of the two techniques after the designated period will havealmost no positive effect, and will prove to be practically useless.

Suckling techniques

For those women whodo decide to go with the first method, it must be pointed outthat in this case, the technique employed by the partner in question is absolutelyessential, when it comes to giving satisfactory results. However, if thetechnique employed is not proper, it will only induce counter effects – meaning awoman will not be able to lactate no matter how hard she tries. Therefore, itis advised to get as many information as possible on the proper sucklingtechniques, either from the books or by way of internet. Regarded as the mosteffective manner to conduct suckling is to have a partner do it for 5 minutes(each breast); repeating it until the twenty minutes mark is reached.


Women, who on theother hand, opt for massage-stimulation, should know that Marmet Technique hasyielded best possible results so far. On top of it, all the women who havetried it have only those most favorable things to say.

One woman is able toinitiate lactation with as little as four stimulation sessions lasting twentyminutes, on a daily basis. In addition, what women should also know is that thegreater the number of sessions in the course of the day, the faster induction willtake place and yield much better results. For the purpose of getting even betterand more satisfactory results, a woman should give her best and arrange thesession in an even order throughout the day.

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