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This decision is never easy to make; sometimes it is done out of fear, and sometimes because there just simply isn’t any other way. Whichever the reason for terminating the pregnancy prematurely may be, there exist three most often employed techniques. The first is the abortion pill, which terminates pregnancies that have reached the nine-week mark but not more. The second is a surgical procedure that is done under general or local anesthesia, and it is intended for the termination of pregnancies which have reached the thirteen-week mark, but women in question the most often go home right after the procedure has been performed. A termination of medical nature is the third technique, used when pregnancies have reached the twenty-four-week mark, but late abortions as these have now become a rarity. A woman takes two different kinds of medicines, the first while in hospital, and then, after 48 h, she returns to hospital in order to be given the second one, i.e. prostaglandin. Depending on the woman’s health at the moment of arrival, her preferences, but also depending on the hospital itself, she will be given a specific choice, upon which to plan the further course of action.


Given the fact that none of the previously described solutions is a natural one, there is high chance that some complications might develop. One thing is sure, if the termination comes within the period of the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, then complication rate is not a cause for concern. Also, what every woman should know is that, no matter how good the surgeon is, or how routine the procedure may be, there always exists certain risk for complications, which can occur all of a sudden and even during the procedure itself.

Following complications and side effects are possible:

Excessive bleeding or hemorrhage. It is normal to bleed after surgery but if this becomes persistent it is due to the fact that the uterus isn’t completely empty as it should be, and if this is a case, a visit to the doctor is extremely important. Inflammation of the pelvis. It is characterised by disagreeable vaginal discharge and followed by high temperature and aching abdomen, and it is essential to see a doctor as soon as possible. Pain. Moderate pain in the abdomen is quite normal, but if it does not disappear even after taking painkillers doctor is a must. Uterus perforation. This may be caused by the insertion of an instrument used for suction, which can create holes in the uterus itself. However, this complication is rare in nature and never happens in terminations which are medical in nature.

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