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Mostimportant thing to remember is that asbestos as such belongs to the category ofminerals. As for its overall form, natural one presupposes the fibrous form.Since it is endowed with numerous distinctive characteristics such as extremeflexibility, strength, resilience, high resistance to heat and chemicals, it isextensively employed in the building industry as building, roofing, ship buildingmaterial, as well as in automobile industry etc.

What really entails

Cominginto touch with asbestos, or as it is more commonly referred to asbestos exposure, entails beingfrequently in contact with asbestos as such and inhaling of the asbestos fibersduring longer periods of time. These fibers are so minute that they can be onlyseen by means of a microscope, which means that they are quite invisible to our eyes aswell. In case a person inhales them quite often, they have the tendency toinflux into one’s lungs and remain there, thus forming a sort of a fiber-layer and obstructing a person’s breathing habits immensely. But one extremelyunfavorable fact is that these build-ups do not become noticeable instantly. Itis known that it can be as long as 15 years before this is noticed and it mighttake for it as much as 40 years to emerge to the surface and become completely noticeable.When it comes to those condition that are induced by it and which can harmone’s health to a great extent, those most frequently occurring entailasbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Whois to take special care?

Thosepeople who should especially keep an eye on the severity and the intensity oftheir exposure to asbestos are

people who inhabit areas that are situated inthe vicinity of a mine,persons who work at a construction site,those who are involved in ship and house building,house/building Renovators,ship breakers, andpeople whose work includes servicing and manufacturing of the auto clutchesand brake assemblies.

Lung cancer and the relation withthe asbestos exposure are known ever since the 1920s, and this has been confirmedby numerous research studies ever since. As for the illness in question, it isnow known that it can be induced by inhalation of just about any type and formof asbestos - chrysotile, amosite,anthophyllite and crocidolite.

Mesothelioma belongs to the categoryof cancer, and is characterized by the tendency to affect the membrane thatlines the person’s lungs and the chest. In terms of a time stretch, thisillness becomes evident only after 30 to 40 years, during which time itdevelops and ultimately exhibits its negative effects. People who are at greater riskof developing mesothelioma are those who tend to come in touch with asbestosall too often, over longer stretches of time.

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