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Rash variety to be onthe lookout for

Rashes are known toappear out of the blue and due to various reasons. One thing is for sure, they do not only look, but also feel quite unpleasant and sometimes even unbearable,causing incessant itching. Recently, another discovery was made about thepossible inducer of the skin rash. Namely, the emphasis is on one of the productscoming from GlaxoSmithKline – a medication under the name of Lamictal. The medicationin question belongs to the category of anti-epileptics, which is employed, also,as a stabilizer in the case of persons who have issues with specific disorders,psychological in nature. But, there is one extremely unpleasant downside,however. Lamictal has been brought into direct connection with the increased occurrenceof skin rashes. The matter would not be so concerning, ifsome of these rashes were not extremely life threatening.

Therefore, it is vitalfor a person to be well informed about the variety of rashes thatoccur as a direct consequence of using Lamictal prior to opting for a therapybased on this medication. This, of course, presupposes all specifics regardingall the indicators, manifestations and potential prevention techniques that canbe employed for the successful battling off of this, sometimes, lifethreatening rash.

Lamictal induced skinirritation

Special protectionemphasis is put on the group of children below 18 years of age, for when itcomes to adult persons, the occurrences are far less frequent – 0.3% of theentire adult population comes down with those most serious symptoms of Lamictalinduced skin rash. One thing to always bear in mind is that the people who docome down with this troublesome and serious variety of a rash do experience alot of difficulties and problems while the rash is present. Therefore, it isessential to take the child or the adult person in question to the hospitalthe very moment s/he starts exhibiting any of the evident skin rash symptoms.

Manifestations and ways to prevent the rash and protect oneself

The rash initiatedby the Lamictal will, in the greatest majority of cases, appear in theinitial 8 weeks after the onset of the therapy. If this is not the case,this means that this medication perfectly suits the needs of the person inquestion and therefore, it is not likely to cause any trouble. The first and foremostmanifestation of Lamictal side effects is the rash reddish in color. In addition, this rash is most oftenaccompanied by numerous other symptoms such as blisters, fever and quiteintensive itchiness.

The first thing aperson affected with Lamictal rash is to do is to visit his/her doctor. The doctorwill do the analysis and determine the possible negative implications ofdifferent medications that might be taken alongside Lamictal. In case a doctordecides that the person should immediately stop taking this medicine due tothe rash, this means that the person in question will not be able to go back tousing Lamictal in the future.

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