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What is it and how is it brought about?

Having this condition in mind, it is important to say that what is meant by this term is the occurrence of red blood (bright in shade) following the previously completed movement(s) of the person's bowel. In some cases it is quite common for the blood to be mixed with the person's stool, whereas in some other cases blood clots are present, and they are ultimately expelled out of the body by way of the person's anal opening. As far as its implications are concerned, it is also extremely important to emphasize that it can be both unobtrusive and of mild nature, as well as so serious that it can even threaten one's life. The conclusion on the seriousness and severity of the condition is made based on the amount of discharged blood. Aside form bloody discharges, other tell tale manifestations of rectal bleeding also include giddiness, weakness, drop in the person's blood pressure, to name those more frequent ones.

When it comes to the inducers of rectal bleeding, those regarded as most prominent ones are anal fissures, rectal relapse, constipation, hemorrhoids, colon cancer, and last but not the least, even such condition as diverticulitis. Other inducers include deficiency in iron, with the development of the chronic type of rectal bleeding which is a direct consequence of long-term bleeding (starting from a couple of weeks and all the way to several months even).

How to put an end to it?

As is the case with quite a number of conditions, in order for the most proper treatment method to be used, it is essential to deal with one or more underlying causes first. In case one of them is the already mentioned deficiency in iron, then different treatment methods need to be employed. As for those less serious cases, home treatment is regarded as a quite good and effective option, fortified with specific medications and natural remedies. Other options available to the persons having problems with rectal bleeding include:

Ointments and suppositories – such as Hydrocortisone creams, as well as those ointments containing such vitamins as A and D, since they are quite favorable and effective when applied to the rectal area. Unfortunately, they are not that effective in pain alleviation, but do have strong healing properties, which is also quite important. Diet rich in fibers – presents a natural way of dealing with the issue in question. The richer in fiber a diet is, the sooner rectal bleeding will be brought under control.

Other highly effective options also include supplements containing iron, ice pack applications, drinking a lot of water.

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