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Be Your Own Doctor, or Not?

A sore throat is usually not a greattrouble. However, if left unattended, it may become. Therefore, it isimportant to act timely since sore throat is considered a warning ofsomething more serious yet to come. Many people decide to pay theirdoctor a visit every time their throat is sore. This is trulyunnecessary. Taking into consideration that the main reason behind aperson's sore throat lies behind a viral infection of the organ inquestion, all one needs to do is lay low, rest and use some of manynatural remedies in order to speed up the recovery process.Nevertheless, sometimes, a bacterial infection or something even moreserious may be behind a sore throat we might have. In such cases,seeking medical attention is a must, due to the fact that adequateantibiotics need to be prescribed in order to get rid of the bacteriain question, avoiding further spreading of the infection. It istherefore of high importance that you pay attention to your symptoms, andtreat the lighter throat problems yourself, while leaving the moreserious ones to the professionals.

Manifestations of a Sore Throat

As mentioned above, more benign casesof sore throat are triggered by cold or flu, manifesting througheating and swallowing difficulties and troublesome breathing andtalking processes. However, if the symptoms remain present for alonger period of time, especially, if they are accompanied with a highfever, something more serious may be at hand. Swelling in the lymphnodes, long lasting cough, white spots inside of the throat all addto the list of the least desirable symptoms. Finally, if the childstarts drooling for a longer periods of time, or there is blood orother discharge present in the saliva of both sick adults andchildren, medical attention is necessary since, clearly, anunderlying illness is behind all of these manifestations.

How to Help Yourself

From time immemorial, people have beenaware of the antiseptic power of salt and water. Here, these mightcome in handy as well. All you need to do is gargle your throat witha mixture of salt and warm water, and experience relief.

Another excellent remedy is chamomiletea. The best thing you can do is boil dry flowers of this plant anddrink the tea after removing the remains of the blossoms. This willsoothe your throat and help you greatly.

You may consider boiling cinnamon in apint of water, adding a bit of honey and pinch of pepper.

Finally, drinking a mixture of applecider vinegar, a pinch of pepper, one teaspoon of honey and and aquarter of fresh lemon in hot water, four times a day will surely getyou back on feet in no time.

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