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Some people, during seasonal changes orat certain parts of the year, tend to suffer from certain allergicreactions which mostly manifest through sneezing, coughing and havinga runny or itchy nose. This can be quite disturbing for these peopleand, in order to overcome the symptoms of their seasonal or chroniccondition, they opt for a type of medications called corticosteroids.

Fluticasone is a nasal spray thatbelongs to this class of medications and it prevents and decreasesinflammations in the nose.

Nasal Spray – Fluticasone

Thus, this nasal spray affects thenasal passages directly and can be used by every person older than 4,provided that they read the instructions that come with themedications carefully and thoroughly, avoiding triggering anypossible side-effects or any other problems of this type.

Furthermore, you are advised to consultwith your health provider before using this medication in case youhave any additional questions. Before using this nasal spray, youneed to shake the bottle a bit. Bear in mind that you are not advisedto used fluticasone more than twice a day. In fact, your doctor willcommonly recommend using the spray only once on a daily basis. Thisaccounts for a single spraying in each nostril. Spraying more thantwo doses can lead to side-effects.

Use the medication only through thenostrils and avoid spraying it into the eyes or the mouth. Keep inmind that this medication is the most effective when used on aregular basis so make sure you apply the spray every day. However, itis always useful to keep track of the number of sprays you have usedfrom every bottle. This will help you avoid overdose or side-effects,allowing you to organize yourself better. Do not get worried if thismedication fails to deliver the desired effect instantly, since thisis expected. Namely, it may take several days of using the nasalspray before the full benefit of it becomes noticeable.

Throughout the therapy, make sure thatyour doctor is informed about the improvements or worsening of yourcondition. Also, do not stop taking the medication without askingyour doctor first.

Each bottle of fluticasone containsabout 150 sprays. Thus, even if your bottle still has some liquidleft, after about 150 sprays, you should throw it away and swap itwith a new one. Before using the spray, shake the bottle gently andremove the dust cover from it. During initial use, hold the pump withthe applicator between your forefinger and middle finger, allowingthe bottle to rest on your thumb. Point the applicator away from thebody. Before using the nasal spray, press and release the pump 6times in order to calibrate it for future use. You will see spraycoming out.

Once all the preparations are done,blow your nose gently and make sure that your nostrils are clear.Then, close one nostril with your finger and, after tilting your headforward, place the applicator inside the other one, keeping thebottle upright during the entire process. While breathing in, pressthe pump and release the spray. During this process, breathe-inthrough your nose and breathe-out through the mouth.

Finally, once you are done with asingle nostril, do the same with the other one and wipe the nasalspray clean and free from dust before storing it for next use. If youskip a dose, do not make up for it by delivering a double one nexttime. Rather, move on with the dosing normally.

Adverse Effects from Fluticasone

In order to avoid side-effects, you areadvised to inform your doctor about you medical history before usingthe spray. Also, mention any allergies or other important informationof this type during your visit to the doctor's.

Some of the side-effects related tofluticasone are headaches, nosebleeds, burning or irritation felt inthe nasal cavity, runny nose or bloody mucus in the nose, coughing,nausea, vomiting, stomachaches, dizziness and diarrhea. If any ofthese appear and remain persistent, make sure you react timely andseek medical assistance.

Furthermore, there are side-effectswhich are considered to be more serious than these, also related tousing fluticasone. If you happen to notice any of these, seek medicalassistance immediately. Namely, these are painful white patches foundin the nose or the throat area, symptoms which resemble flu, sorethroat, vision problems, appearance of nose injuries, acne whicheither appear suddenly or get worse, increased susceptibility tobruising, enlarged neck and face area, severe tiredness combined withmuscular weakness, as well as irregular menstrual periods, appearingin women, and appearance of hives, rashes, itching, swelling in anyparts of the body, hoarseness and breathing and swallowing problems.

Fluticasone can help people overcomeseasonal or chronic problems which cause them to cough, sneeze orhave a runny and itchy nose. However, once you opt for thismedication, you are advised to consult with your doctor about bothyour medical history and the possible side-effects of this drug andthe proper instructions for its usage, avoiding any unwantedoccurrences.

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