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An Usual Mishap

Almost all of us have experienced nosebleeds at some points of our lives. Caused by many things, these fits happen without warning and cease over a period of several minutes. Although, in some cases they might be signs of something more serious, especially when they happen more often, nosebleeds are usually harmless. All in all, one can only benefit from being able to successfully stop his or her nosebleed, as well as help other while experiencing this unpleasantness. By knowing some of the following tips, you will surely do away with nosebleeds in no time, leaving nothing to chance.

Tips and Tricks for Stopping Nosebleeds

The first, highly useful, trick involves usage of several ice cubes while experiencing a nosebleed. Namely, once you start bleeding from your nose, take two or three cubes of ice. Wrap them in a clean piece of cloth and lie down on the side of your body opposite from that on which you have a troublesome nostril. Apply the ice onto the bleeding nostril for several minutes and experience its cessation. If you are bleeding from both nostrils, after doing the previous step, do it in an opposite way, changing your body position and placing the ice pack on your other nostril.

An excellent alternative to this step is the following. Once you experience nosebleed, sit straight and try to relax. Comfort yourself that this is nothing serious and make sure you breathe slowly and calmly. Then place the thumb of your hand on the troublesome nostril. Make sure this thumb is from the hand on the same side where the nosebleed is. Press the nostril gently, in order to stop the bleeding. Hold it that way for about 10 minutes and experience the blood returning to your blood vessels and stopping of the nosebleed.

Finally, there is another useful tip for these purposes. This one, however, involves a different technique. Take a sheet of toilet paper and fold it numerous times, so as to create a small square about an inch long on each size. Then, fold it again so to make a rectangular shape having one side of half inch length and the other one half that size. Then, upon a nosebleed, place this piece of paper under your upper lip, directly below your nose. Press it hard for about a minute and enjoy the cessation of your nosebleed problem.

Most of nosebleeds are caused by excessive blowing of the nose. Therefore, make sure you do not overdo it. Nevertheless, if the blood running from your nose remains persistent and unstoppable, seek medical attention immediately.

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