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Visiting a spa for a single treatment, a day or even a long weekend break is no longer reserved for those that are part of the high class society, even though you still feel very special when spending time there.

Visiting a Spa

Visiting a spa can leave you feeling relaxed, pampered, beautiful and free from the stresses of life. The word spa was originated from the Latin phrase “solus per aqua”, which in fact means health through water. Thousands of years ago and right up until today people believe that by immersing the body in water will re-establish and preserve the health and it was and is considered to be very significant to one’s life.

How to Prepare for Your First Spa Day

It is important that you initially talk to your friends about their spa experiences and recommendations. They may give you their opinions about how they were made to feel, which treatments they liked and disliked and perhaps any hidden surprises they found. After this you can make contact with a spa and speak to someone there about the services that are offered and maybe even book a treatment day and time. It is important at the time of booking you inform them of your therapist gender preference, maybe even let them know this is your first time to a spa and you can also ask them if there is anything you should know prior to the treatment, if you should wear or bring anything particular with you. If you have received a spa gift certificate, it may state a particular treatment has been pre selected for you or it may have a price limit for you to spend at your will, either way it is important you confirm the details with the spa as it may have day or time restrictions attached to it. If the certificate does state a specific treatment selected for you, you may want to read up about that treatment to make sure you will enjoy it because if not, the spa may allow you to swap it for something else. A signature treatment is always slightly more special than a regular treatment.

On The Day of Your Spa Treatment

For hygiene reasons you may want to shower and shave prior to the treatment, however, if you have particularly sensitive skin then shave the day before. You will be asked to remove your clothes and lay under a towel, however you can and should keep your lower underwear on.

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