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Hysterectomyis the surgical removal of the uterus. The surgery may be total (also known ascomplete), when the surgeons remove both cervix and the body of the uterus, orit may be partial hysterectomy, which removes only body of the uterus.

This is a verycommon gynecological surgical procedure, and it is recommended to women sufferingfrom severe endometriosis, adenomyosis, for serious developmental difficultiesand for some reproductive cancers or tumors. Also, doctors may recommend thissurgery for the removal of placenta praevia or placenta percreta. Hysterectomyis also recommended for trans men in a gender transition.

Before theSurgery

When yourdoctor tells you that your need a hysterectomy it can be shocking news. Insteadpanicking, you should search the Internet and find some support site, The recovery process usually lasts for a month and a half,and you should prepare yourself to be in bed during that time.

Before theactual surgery, it is a good idea to buy everything you might need. Start withpads, because you will need those. Bleeding is a common thing after thissurgery and it may last even after you lose the stitches. High rise underwear,about two sizes bigger than you are at the moment is also great. You will needbigger, because your abdomen will be swollen after the surgical procedure, andthe high rise won’t hurt the incision site.

You willalso need night shirts instead of sleeping pants, because pants might hurt thestaples and incision. Sweat pants and t-shirts are also beneficial for weeksafter the surgery, because any other usual clothes will be uncomfortable and soclose to the body that it may hurt you.

In the car,you will need a belly pillow. It will prevent the hurting from the seat belt. Buysome flat sandals and shoes for walking around too.

A hospital bedand/or a recliner might be good idea, too. It will be very difficult to get inand out of the bed for a few weeks, so rent some of these, at least for thefirst month of recovery.

Prepare mealsfor several weeks and froze them, so they will be easily ready when you arehungry. Remember to clean complete house before the surgery, and have someoneto help you while recovering, either your partner/family member or hiresomeone.

In theHospital

For thehospital, you will need socks, underwear, robe, toiletries, glasses (if youneed them to read, instead contact lenses), small mirror and chap stick andsome loose clothes to go home afterwards. Mp3 player is also helpful for manypatients.

Books andmagazines should be left at home, for you will be too tired to read anything. Pajamas andcell phone are also not useful while you are in the hospital for thehysterectomy.

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