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Hot Stones Massage

Themassage that uses hot stones as its instruments is an extremely relaxingand calming one. It does not only aid a person in relaxing, but also aids inrelieving that unpleasant muscle tension.

Massage – Method and Background

Themassage by means of hot stones is regarded as a special technique that isbased on putting the smooth basalt stones (previously heated) on particularspots on the body in order to reopen the energy channels. This particular typeof massage was first introduced to the general public back in 1993 by MaryHannigan who, curiously enough, gave it a name La Stone Therapy. Today, thereare a lot of versions of this particular therapy, which were developed bytherapists personally, as well as by the spa centres masseurs. The strength andtherapeutic benefit of these stones lie in the fact that they abound in iron,which is the main reason why they are such good heat absorbers.


Beforestarting with the massage itself, a therapist needs to submerge the stones intowater. Once this done, he/she needs to heat those stones by means of anelectrical heating unit, until they reach a certain temperature. This stepaccomplished, the therapist must check if the stones are not too hot so as notto burn the person who is to be massaged. Next, that person needs to get readyfor the massage by taking all the clothes off and lying facing the bed. In orderfor stones to move easily and smoothly, the skin needs to be rubbed in oil andalong all the muscles. Next on the move is your therapist. He/she will makegentle strokes with the stones all over you back and once they cool down, a newset is to be taken. Once, the muscles become relaxed, the masseur can continuethe massage using his hands. Prior to this, he may put other hot stones oncertain spots on your back and leave them be for some time. After this part ofthe massage is finished, you are going to be asked to turn around and lie onyour back instead, with hot stones being placed now between your toes and onthe palm. One such, complete session, has the duration anywhere from 60 to 90minutes.

Benefits of Hot Stones Massage

Giventhe fact that this massage is extremely relaxing, it is also highly beneficial.Among those benefits are the following: it reduces the stress, relieves pain, it stimulates circulatory system, improves blood circulation, sooths and calmsthe nervous system, brings back the balance and aids in release of toxins.

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